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Did Salman Khan just take a sly dig at Bollywood award shows in Katrina Kaif’s defense?

It’s a known fact that Salman Khan is quite protective of Katrina Kaif. Having launched and mentored her in the industry, she holds a rather special place in his heart and come what may, he’s always going to have her back. However, little did we expect that his respect and love for Katrina will make him call out the Bollywood award shows one day. It so happened that during a fun segment on Bollywood Hungama, Salman was asked to name the film for which Katrina was nominated as the Filmfare Best Actress. That’s when Salman unexpectedly lost his calm and went on to rant about award shows and how they only use actresses like Katrina to promote their shows.

“What is being nominated? She deserves an award. And what are these awards? She deserves National Award. So you put Katrina Kaif in the nominations and that will play everywhere on television. But then you don’t give her the award. Why because someboy else went and performed there? These award functions, if they are giving, if they are nominating her then I believe that either actors should get paid for the nominations because all the publicity relies on it and the telecast of it but then someone else walks away with the award…It’s not fair na? “, said Salman adding that he wouldn’t want to answer an award show related question.

Do you agree with Salman? Do you also feel Katrina is not getting her due as far as her performances are concerned? Not to mention, Katrina had received exceptional praises and reviews for her performance as Babita in Zero starring Shah Rukh Khan. It’s left to see if that praise translates into an award sometime soon. Your thoughts? Tweet to us @zoomtv and do come back to this space for more updates.

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