Movie Review: De De Pyaar De (2019)

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DE DE PYAAR DE is an unusual love story. Ashish (Ajay Devgn), 50, is based in London. He is separated from his wife, Manju (Tabu). At a common friend’s wedding, he comes across Aisha (Rakul Preet Singh) who is 26 years old. She is free-spirited and carefree and both she and Ashish get attracted to each other. In no time, she moves into his place. When the topic of marriage comes up, Ashish hesitates but realizing how much he loves Aisha, he agrees. He takes her to his hometown in Manali to get his parent’s approval. He decides to go there unannounced and as soon as he reaches there, all hell breaks loose. Ashish has not been in contact with them since years and hence his family comprising of Manju, daughter Ishita (Inayat), son Ishaan (Bhavin Bhanushali), father (Alok Nath) and mother (Madhumalti Kapoor) are startled to see him and that too with Ashish. Ishita gets livid as her to-be-father-in-law Atul (Kumud Mishra) is about to come to meet the family. She is petrified since she told Atul and her boyfriend Rishi (Rajveer Singh) that Ashish is no more! Ashish develops cold feet on seeing so much of negativity upon his arrival. What happens next forms the rest of the film.


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Positive Reviews
4.0 “DE DE PYAAR DE is a paisa vasool entertainer with plenty of laugh aloud moments and strong emotions as its USP.”
4.0 “De De Pyaar De is a rollicking entertainer”
3.5 “DDPD is a fun ride that reinstates the fact that when it comes to love, age is just a number.”
3.5 “It’s the Perfect Family Entertainer You Were Waiting For”
3.0 “Ajay Devgn shines in this contemporary take on romance”
3.0 “Tabu puts on a stellar act in this romcom”
3.0 “A Sweet & Salty Take On Love & Relationships!”
3.0 “Ajay Devgn, Rakul Preet starrer has funny and powerful moments”
3.0 “Coming-Of-Age Family Drama With A ‘Luv’ Angle!”
Average Reviews
2.5 “The film could be a weekend time pass option for you in case you have no better plans.”
2.5 “Despite its bright premise and superlative cast, the Akiv Ali directorial isn’t as smart as it aspires to be.”
2.5 “Ajay Devgn delivers his sincerest performance, Tabu steals the show”
2.5 ” Ajay Devgn, Rakul Preet Singh, Tabu’s film not a regular rom-com”
2.5 “This Ajay Devgn-Rakul Preet film is a mixed bag”
Negative Reviews
2.0 “Modern family mockery!”
1.5 “De De Pyaar De is a radio play being passed off as a motion picture”
1.5 “Old man and the khichdi”
Mayank Shekhar
1.5 “Watch it for Tabu, Skip it for Pseudophilosophy”
1.0 “A shapeless tale of unusual love story that takes you nowhere”

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