Movie Review: Malaal (2019)

Box Office: TBA

Set in the chawls of the 90s in Mumbai, Shiva is the quintessential local ‘tapori’ who spends most of his time picking up street brawls, drinking and hanging out with his friends. When the curly-haired Aastha moves in their modest chawl with her family, things begin on a shaky note as our lead protagonists are as different as chalk and cheese.

However, as time passes, sparks fly between the two. Astha falls for his unabashed way of living, quick temper and unrestrained profanity. He on the other hand, ends up growing on her calmness and patience. The duo balance each other like ying and yang. But, what’s a love story without any roadblocks?


Good Reviews  |  Average Reviews  |  Bad Reviews
Positive Reviews
3.5 “This one is for those who want to soak themselves into a full-blown love story. “
3.5 “Watch the film for its old-fashioned love story and realistic performances…”
Average Reviews
2.5 “The film is executed so poorly, you wonder why it is under the Bhansali banner. “
2.5 “The film could have been snipped shorter by a couple of moments.”
2.5 “Meezaan Jaaferi, Sharmin Segal Grow On You In This Romantic Drama”
Negative Reviews
2.0 “The script has nothing new to offer and the story is way too boring.”
2.0 “Meezaan, Sharmin Sehgal and a film you’ve watched before.”
1.5 “A series of warmed-over cliches”


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