Movie Review: Super 30 (2019)

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Son of a postman, a young Anand clinches an admission at the Cambridge University owing to his brilliance in mathematics. But when he has to let go of this opportunity of a lifetime solely because he is unable to afford the fees, life hits him hard and breaks his spirit. But that doesn’t last for too long, since he gets picked by Lallanji (Aditya Srivastava) to become a maths teacher for affluent students at an IIT coaching centre, run by him. But soon, his true calling and passion catches up with him and he realizes that he must use his skills to give lesser privileged, bright students a fair chance at life. Of course, along the way, he faces opposition and obstacles one after another, but never loses sight of what he sets out to do.


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Positive Reviews
3.5 “While there may be flaws in the true depiction of Anand Kumar’s story, Super 30 is worth a watch for Hrithik’s comeback act and the take on the state of education in the country.”
3.5 “This Hrithik Roshan Film Has Heart In Its Head!”
3.5 “The film belongs to Hrithik Roshan. .”
3.5 “While the narrative does have its flaws, ‘Super 30’ is a human drama and the story of a teacher who triumphs over the many challenges that life throws at him, to set an example for the world to see. Just for that it’s worth a watch. “
3.5 “Hrithik Roshan leaves a profound impression “
3.0 “SUPER 30 has a fine first half but goes downhill in the second hour.”
3.0 “Hrithik Roshan Fills Colours in this Underdog Story”
3.0 “Hrithik Roshan steps into Anand Kumar’s shoes; Pankaj Tripathi steals the show”
3.0 “Hrithik Roshan Gets His Formula Right When It Comes To Inspiring Us!”
3.0 “Hrithik Roshan’s Powerful Performance is This Biopic’s Saving Grace”
Average Reviews
2.5 “Inspirational but too preachy”
Negative Reviews
2.0 “Hrithik’s uneven acting, patchy storytelling and a narrow take on caste dilute a gutsy theme”

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