Movie Review: Saaho (2019)

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This is what happens when an amateur director and screenplay writer wastes 350 Crores.
It’s not just the haywire script but it’s Prabhas acting as some kind of model, posing every now and then like in a music video, his irritating south accent, unwanted songs, poor editing the movie is total crapfest.
Last year it was ‘Race 3’ and this year its ‘Saaho’, the script writer seems to be doing ‘Ganja’ while writing all kind of farfetched convoluted script in the name of creating suspense script. Despite the original being the Telugu movie the movie is full of Bollywood stars like Chunkey Pandey, Tinu Anand, Jackie, Mahesh Majrekar, Mandira Bedi, etc. But none of them could salvage the rotten scripted movie.

The story is too convoluted with lots of archaic subplots and loopholes, kind of Race 2 & 3. Anyway the story begins with Jackie, the don being killed while visiting India by Chunkey Pandey as Chunkey thinks he should be don as he is son of Crippled Tinnu Anand (former don). Doesn’t it sound similar to … Yes… Exactly! Bahubali. Then enters Prabhas along with Shraddha to solve a mysterious robbery case in the city, they conclude Neil Nitin to be the culprit, but it is revealed actually Prabhas is the main thief and Neil was undercover officer. Then there is whole another subplot revolving around 2 lack Crore gold, black box, a tribal clan (like one in bahubali) which was wiped out by Chunkey, there is another twist about Jackie’s son who comes to take place of Jackie, etc, etc…. There are lot of plots and subplots which makes no sense at all after watching the movie.

The Good

Some of the action stunts, cinematography, and songs choreography were good. Surprisingly Chunkey as cruel bad man looked good, as he has been playing extra caricrature kind of roles for long time, so no one took him seriously. Shradha was OKish, nothing extra ordinary.
Storywise only 5 minutes before interval and 15 minutes before end credits are somewhat interesting.

The Bad

Terrible screenplay, there was no proper flow of the story. During first 50 minutes of the movie, the movie was going nowhere. Scenes between Prabhas and Shraddha has no chemistry at all, the duo try very hard to make us laugh, feel mushy-mushy for them, but all of it goes in vain due to poor screenplay, terrible Prabhas accent which loses the dialogues impact.

Though cinematography and choreography were good, the songs in the movie pops up at random places without any purpose.
Songs like “bad girl” sounds nice with eye candy to watch but it has no purpose in the movie.

And The Ugly

Terrible screenplay coupled with poor editing. The is no proper flow in the movie.

“aakhir… Kehna Kya Chahate Ho…. ?” that was the question ringing on my head after the end credits.

Review by: Saina Mehra


Good Reviews  |  Average Reviews  |  Bad Reviews
Positive Reviews
3.0 “This Prabhas-Shraddha Kapoor Starrer is Mindless Yet Fun”
Average Reviews
2.5 “SAAHO suffers from a lackadaisical script and a vacuous screenplay.”
2.5 “There are so many twists and turns that it leaves you more exhausted than excited. “
2.5 “Prabhas is no Bahubali in this actioner that leaves you more exhausted than excited”
Negative Reviews
2.0 “Prabhas tries hard in a film that is too silly to realise its ambitions”
1.5 “A damp squib”
1.0 “Saaho keeps throwing one moronic scenario after another in such a haphazard manner for the sake of hollow spectacle, the experience is akin to having your head banged against a dozen screens, one playing Batman, another Mad Max”

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