Udta Bollywood: The White Powder @ Karan Johar’s Party

The video send the shock waves in the industry but most so called socialite Bollywood stars are keeping mum about the recent Karan Johar’s party video.
It is clear from the video, they were taking drugs, specially Vicky Kaushal seemed high. The party shows Deepika, Ranbir (NOT RANVEER), Shahid, Vicky, Zoya, Arjun, Malliaka, etc.

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Saturday night vibes

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Why is Bollywood not raising any question against such incident, the likes of Shabana Azmi, Aamir Khan even Amitabh Bachchan who have their say in every thing that happens in the country.

Speaking to news agency IANS, rapper Hard Kaur said: “…nowadays the industry maxim is if you don’t do coke, you ain’t cool. Doing drugs has become a show off factor. Cocaine, after all, is an expensive drug.”

Kaur states she is talking about “almost everybody I know… just everywhere”, and it includes “women and men”, she adds. “It’s like a gang versus gang thing. The ones that stay together snort together.”

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