Movie Review: The Zoya Factor (2019)

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Zoya, who was born on the day that India won its first World Cup, became her father’s lucky charm. From there on she was the luck that made India win the matches (or so her father believed). Zoya grows up disliking cricket as a result of this obsession, till she comes at the romantic crossroads with the Indian cricket captain who is struggling to keep his team from losing. Enter Zoya and the team starts winning. The players believe she is their Lucky Charm — their 12th woman. What happens when the Lucky Charm of India romances the Indian cricket captain, who leaves nothing to luck?

The film is a light adaptation of Anuja Chauhan’s 2008 novel of the same name,[7] which follows the story of a girl, Zoya Solanki, who becomes a lucky charm for the Indian Cricket team during the 2011 Cricket World Cup, and the skipper Nikhil Khoda who doesn’t believe in luck and superstitions.


Good Reviews  |  Average Reviews  |  Bad Reviews
Positive Reviews
3.5 “The Zoya Factor is a fun, frothy film that pits superstitions versus strategy and self-belief versus luck.”
3.5 ” It’ll certainly make you laugh at yourself and just may help you get rid of a superstition or two.”
3.5 “Sonam Kapoor and Dulquer Salmaan’s film falls a little short of hitting a sixer”
3.5 “THE ZOYA FACTOR is a charmingly delightful evening, lock your troubles at home and have a nice time with Zoya and the Indian cricket team.”
3.5 “Dulquer Salmaan and Sonam Kapoor’s Film is a Fun Chick Flick”
3.0 “THE ZOYA FACTOR is a feel-good popcorn entertainer that works chiefly due to concept, treatment, humour and performances.”
3.0 ” It’s All The Way Dulquer Factor In The Zoya Factor!”
3.0 “Dulquer Salmaan Hits A Sixer With His Charming Act!”
Average Reviews
2.5 ” It is Dulquer’s film all the way!”
2.5 “Dulquer Salmaan is Sonam Kapoor’s lucky charm in erratic tale of sermons.”
2.5 “Sonam Kapoor and Dulquer Salmaan film is no sixer”
2.5 “Dulquer Salmaan hits it out of the park”
Negative Reviews
2.0 “The Dulquer factor is the only saving grace of this witless, charmless sham posturing as satire.”
2.0 “Sonam Kapoor Hits The Ball Out Of The Park In This Erratic Knock”
2.0 “Another Example Of Why Books Are Just Meant To Be Read”
2.0 “Sadly the makers of The Zoya Factor are unable to decide if they’re making a realistic rom-com, dramedy, or just a plain and simple parody of what’s already a rather preposterous premise.


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