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Salman Khan Has Always Had My Back, Can Sense When I’m Struggling: Katrina Kaif

Actor Katrina Kaif has said that her onscreen chemistry with Salman Khan ‘doesn’t have too much to do with’ the bond that they share off screen. Katrina was speaking at the Hindustan Times Mint Asia Leadership Summit in Singapore. Katrina and Hrithik Roshan were in conversation at the summit.

“Salman has really had my back, and has been there for me as a friend and a support over the years, unfailingly and intuitively.” Katrina said. “There have been moments where I was going through a particularly rough time in my life; a struggle, and with no contact, all of a sudden, our paths would just cross, and he would be there.”

She added, “He always seems to be able to sense it. It’s a bit of an intuitive relationship, as I said. Salman is definitely a friend for life. He’s that person who is completely reliable. I trust him implicitly, and I think we have that connection.”

Katrina said that she shares en equally strong bond with Salman’s sisters, Alvira and Arpita. “They’re like my eighth and ninth sisters,” the actor said. Katrina has six sisters – three elder and three younger – and one brother.

Katrina and Salman most recently worked together in the film Bharat, directed by Ali Abbas Zafar, whom Katrina called one of her closest friends. Katrina stepped in to replace Priyanka Chopra in the film, after the actor dropped out at the last moment to get married. Salman has said that while Katrina was always his first choice for the role, Ali was insistent on casting Priyanka.

Katrina spoke about the situation briefly, and said, “When Ali called me and said this is what has happened, and that Priyanka was no longer available to do the film, I genuinely told him – and this is one thing that we’ve always maintained between us, that no matter how close our friendship, we’ll only work together when we both feel that genuine connect to the material.” She said that she insisted on reading the script herself and refused a narration from Ali, so as to remove that personal touch which could sway her judgement.

She said, “I don’t think when it comes to work, you can take the road of doing a favour. I don’t think it’s honest. You have to be able to give your heart and soul to it, otherwise I wouldn’t be bringing anything to the film.”

Bharat received mixed reviews, but Katrina’s performance as Kumud was praised. The film has proven to be a box office success. Katrina and Salman are rumoured to be reuniting for a sequel to their most successful film together, Tiger Zinda Hai.

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