Movie Review: Saand Ki Aankh (2019)

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Sisters-in-law Chandro (Bhumi Pednekar) and Prakashi (Taapsee Pannu) are accustomed to the patriarchal ways of the society that they live in. They don’t agree with it or like it, but they are conditioned to put up with it, but at the same time, the ladies find their own little escapes to keep themselves going. At the age of 60, the two senior citizens, who live in Johri village (Uttar Pradesh), with their big family, accidentally discover that they have a flair for shooting. With some help from doctor-turned-shooting instructor Dr Yashpal (Viineet Singh), who sets up a shooting range in the village, they participate in various competitions and win medals. While they are busy honing their skills, the men in their house are oblivious to the new happenings in the lives of these ladies. They also inspire their granddaughters to follow suit. However, a twist in the tale leads them to bring a stop to the hide-and-seek, and face the men in the clan head-on.


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Positive Reviews
4.0 “SAAND KI AANKH is a cinema that holds and beholds this fact.”
3.5 “The film drives home the point of women empowerment, celebrates the bonhomie among women wholeheartedly, and attempts at every point to hit the bull’s eye.”
3.5 “A compelling feminist statement with a few flaws”
3.5 ” The Pistols Have Been Blown At Patriarchy And Women Empowerment With Perfection”
3.5 “SAAND KI AANKH rests on an inspiring story and bravura performances by Taapsee Pannu and Bhumi Pednekar.”
3.5 “Bhumi Pednekar & Taapsee Pannu Aim For Winning Hearts & They Succeed!”
3.5 “Summing up, watch the film for the real-life drama, as well as for its affirmative message towards women empowerment.”
3.5 “Taapsee Pannu and Bhumi Pednekar shoot patriarchy in the head”
3.5 ” Taapsee Pannu and Bhumi Pednekar hit the bull’s eye in this inspiring entertainer”
3.5 “Taapsee Pannu and Bhumi Pednekar’s Film Is A Gripping Entertainer With Its Heart In The Right Place”
3.0 “Taapsee Pannu, Bhumi Pednekar Give Never Less Than Credible Film Their Best Shot”
Average Reviews
2.5 “Misses the mark”
2.5 “Taapsee Pannu, Bhumi Pednekar Shoot The Right Targets But With The Wrong Guns”
Negative Reviews
2.0 “I felt a constant gag in my throat, and emerged from the movie somewhat mugged – confesses Sreehari Nair”
2.0 “Much bull; partially hits eye”
2.0 “Taapsee-Bhumi make us suspend disbelief only in parts”

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