Movie Review: Ujda Chaman (2019)

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The man with the mane fixation, 30-year-old professor Chaman Kohli (Sunny Singh), resident of Rajouri Garden, West Delhi, is morose because of all the rejections he has faced from prospective brides. The girl facing weight issues, 29-year-old bridal make-up artiste Apsara Batra (Maanvi Gagroo), resident of Mayur Vihar, East Delhi, seems far happier in her skin despite the unkind jibes she has gotten accustomed to.

Chaman’s sense of self-worth is in tatters. A teacher he invites out for coffee, Ekta (Aishwarya Sakhuja), cries off because she has a date with her boyfriend. Chaman takes that blow in his stride. The next big reverse hits him much harder.

Against his own counsel, he drifts close to a 20-year-old student Aaina Ali Khan (Karishma Sharma), who leads him up the garden path and inveigles him into leaking a Hindi question paper – this is among the numerous completely contrived situations that the film hinges on. Once the girl’s purpose is served, she moves on, leaving the Hindi lecturer in the lurch and more wary of girls than before.

With nothing less to lose, Chaman turns to the online dating app Tinder for deliverance. There, he chances upon Apsara. Their first encounter in person is anything but tender.But worse is to follow.All the hemming and hawing that follows is as dippy and dreary as anything that has gone before.


Good Reviews  |  Average Reviews  |  Bad Reviews
Positive Reviews
4.0 “Sunny Singh’s Film is an Incisive Satire On Body Shaming.”
3.5 “UJDA CHAMAN is a good movie, a different rom com that could have been a great movie, a major game changer.”
Average Reviews
2.5 “‘Ujda Chaman’ carries a relevant message, but the ride to finally get to it is a wobbly one.”
2.5 “Sunny Singh’s Film Fails To Grow On You Despite An Intriguing Concept.”
2.5 “Sunny Singh’s ‘bald’ tale has its heart in the right place but is far from bold”
2.5 “Overall, while the film does raise some important issues, it suffers from faulty execution.”
Negative Reviews
2.0 ” Sunny Singh’s Film Is ‘Hair, There & Everywhere’”
2.0 “Bold Concept With A Bald Execution”
2.0 “UJDA CHAMAN has a promising and relatable story but the inconsistent execution and predictable narrative spoils the show.”
2.0 “You’ll be Left Scratching Your Head After Watching This Film”
1.5 “Sunny Singh’s Film Is A Bad Hair Day Beyond Redemption”
1.5 “Fighting prejudice with prejudice, Ujda Chaman is too shallow to dwell compellingly into the frailties of the human mind”
1.5 “Sunny Singh’s film is a missed opportunity”
1.5 “Sunny Singh’s film on premature balding is bland at best”
1.0 “Sunny Singh film tests your patience”


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