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When Shammi Kapoor Invited Deepika Padukone For A Coffee Date

Almost two years after the release of Padmaavat, Deepika Padukone returned to the big screen with Chhapaak that opens today. The movie received positive reviews from the film critics and is expected to open well at the box office owing to Deepika Padukone’s immense popularity. One of the top stars of Indian cinema, Deepika has millions of fans. In fact, late legend Shammi Kapoor too was in awe of the star that too when she had only completed three years in the film industry.

Back in 2010, Shammi Kapoor, who was a tech-savvy and was quite active on Twitter, had tweeted to Deepika inviting her over for a cup of coffee at his place. He had tweeted, “Hi Deepika–would like you to communicate maybe could meet over a cup of coffee at my place— love, Shammi uncle.”

Deepika had somehow missed Shammi’s tweet and when she got to know about it, she had told PTI, “I’ve met Shammiji a couple of times and always felt this warmth towards him and I can feel the same from him. Even his wife has been very nice to me. Apparently he was tweeting me and I didn’t even imagine that Shammiji would be on Twitter. But that happened just before I came to Delhi so when I go back I’ll have my coffee date with him”.

In another interview, she had told Mid-Day, “I was very excited when Shammiji messaged me on Twitter. I didn’t know he had messaged me because I was busy performing for the IPL opening ceremony. After my performance, I was flooded with messages in my BlackBerry Messenger and Twitter about Shammiji tweeting me. Till then, I didn’t even know Shammiji was on the website as his name comes as Shamsher Raj.” Further adding, “I remember him as the Paan Parag uncle and in the Yahoo song in Junglee. I have always been a big fan of his. It was really sweet of him to message me. I thanked him immediately. I am jumping at the opportunity to meet him for coffee. I have finished the first schedule of Pradeep Sarkar’s Lafangey Parindey and now starting on Kunal Kohli’s Break Ke Baad. After I complete my shooting, I will go out on my date with Shammiji.”

Deepika had then returned to Mumbai and had replied to Shammi Kapoor, “sir…pls let me know when and what time is convenient for u and I’ll be there…wouldn’t miss this opportunity for anything.”

The legend had then tweeted her saying, “If you’re in India and not watching cricket, then would this Sunday, April 4 at 5 pm for coffee at my place..” Deepika, however, was caught up with film shooting, she had then requested Kapoor to shift the date to another day, “Sir, I’m shooting. Could we please meet on 6th April if you’re free at a time convenient to you?”

The duo then finally had a coffee date on April 6 after which Deepika was quite elated. She shared it on the Twitter saying it was one of her most memorable days, “Guys!by far one of the best and most memorable days of my life!thank u @shamsheraj uncle for a wonderful wonderful evening…:-)”

A few weeks later, Shammi Kapoor had once again invited Deepika for a coffee, “Morning love. How are thee? Only get to see you in (Vijay) Mallya match. Another cuppa another day? What say you”.

Unfortunately, Deepika was busy with her shoot commitments and couldn’t take the time out to meet the superstar for another coffee date at that time. Her reply to him read, “Namaste Shammi uncle! would love to… only thing is I’ve been shooting everyday and packing up way past your coffee time”.

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